The Sesame Institute is delighted to announce

The Launch of the New Sesame Book:

Dramatherapy with Myth and Fairytale: The Golden Stories of Sesame

 Written by Jenny Pearson, Mary Smail and Pat Watts.


Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers
228 pages

"Within these pages is a treasure trove of timeless stories that can be adapted and applied to the needs of different client groups and the style of each therapist, as well as introductory exercises, warm-ups and scene setting suggestions.  The Sesame approach has been found to produce striking results with myriad clinical populations, including individuals with learning difficulties, offenders in psychiatric settings, children with emotional and behavioural difficulties and adults in mental health."

Available from the Sesame Office.

Book Price £23, Postage and Packing £3.50 (UK), Total £26.50